Check Out This Stainless-Steel Black & Blue Custom Garage Cabinets by Closets Las Vegas
The garage is the one space in your home that will truly test your creativity. Besides cars, the garage is usually where you store objects of all sizes, tools, and equipment – from power tools to bicycles, fishing tackles, tool boxes, and more. It’s always at risk of being left messy when you’re on the go. Installing custom garage cabinets is one way to solve the clutter. But why not take it to the next level? Imagine walking into an orderly garage where you can park your cars, work on your projects, or just relax in the perfect man-cave!

With the availability of innovative materials today, designing your garage is now easier than ever. You can have a full custom garage with the design, features, and materials according to your taste and storage needs.

Working with a professional closet builder, such as Closets Las Vegas, is the key to making your dream garage come to life. This team of experts can offer not just stunning custom garage ideas but a state-of-the-art, full custom garage closet complete with your desired features. One of our latest projects is a custom garage man cave with stainless steel shelves and tables. Making it more appealing are the shelves’ and cabinets’ blue handles and stylish flooring. Take a look!

Man Cave Custom Garage Las Vegas

This full custom garage in Las Vegas features black stainless steel cabinets with blue handles.

A Full Custom Garage That Also Works as a Man Cave   

Custom garage cabinets and drawers are great storage solutions when you have countless things to keep. This garage’s black and blue stainless-steel cabinets combined with a sofa and entertainment showcase make for the ultimate man cave and not just a simple garage. Using the extra space in the corner as a relaxation nook has been a smart move. The thought of having a place where you can hang out during leisure hours offers a feeling of satisfaction and warmth. With an orderly, steel-hard garage and man cave rolled into one, you have a place that you can truly call your own.    

Custom Garage Floors 

This custom garage in Las Vegas features a black stainless steel cabinet with blue handles, coated garage floor, and padded drawers to keep your tools organized.

This custom garage in Las Vegas features a black stainless steel cabinet with blue handles, coated garage floor, and padded drawers to keep your tools organized.

In every garage, the floor is prone to dirt and damage. You have to deal with oil spills, grease, and small particles falling off. Being aware of this, Closets Las Vegas in partnership with its sister company Diamond Shield Coatings made this custom garage floor resistant to weather changes and unpleasant impacts by applying three coatings. No matter the season, the garage floor will remain shiny and looking new. It’s the ultimate protection for the beautiful combination of black and white tiles with specks of white and gray. These color combinations complement the masculine colors of black stainless steel and blue handlebars.   

Custom Garage Storage to Keep Things Tidy, Safe, and Organized 

Few homeowners relish the thought of leaving tools, screws, and bolts lying around the garage. As much as possible, organizing small and big items helps avoid misplacement and hazards. Whether it’s a set of pliers, car picks, or wrench, you would want them to be in order. It’s no fun always trying to remember where you put the screws or the wrench because your garage lacks a storage system. And what better way to do this than to have custom garage cabinets and heavy-duty drawers? 

Thanks to Closets Las Vegas, these custom garage shelving and custom garage cabinets are made of stainless steel with smart designs.  

Custom garage cabinets add power to this Las Vegas home  

Two large easy-to-open cabinets with varying sizes of shelves serve as an ideal storage solution for various things. In between the two medium-sized shelves are a standard-sized shelf with a partition. Here, you can put tools, boxes, or paints, among others. The larger shelves will be perfect for your tools that require a bigger area. 

For a modern household, this garage did not waste space as the cabinet doors have holders for bottles and other supplies. Additionally, Closets Las Vegas installed overreaching top cabinets that lock in place, ideal for keeping equipment that is essential but rarely used.  

Blue handles that also serve as robust accents 

custom garage Ideas Las Vegas

Choose any color you want. While these custom garage cabinets have blue accents, Closets Las Vegas also offers seven color variations for your cabinet handles!

Closets Las Vegas aimed to build a functional and stylish full custom garage and the team has evidently achieved this. The black stainless-steel material used for the cabinets and drawers already packs power, but the team decided to add style to it by installing blue handles and lining. These handles make the entire area prominent and more appealing to the eye.  

If you want the same for your custom garage cabinets, you can choose from the handle’s seven color variations.   

No More Slips with Padded Drawers 

Sliding screws and “salad” drawers are among the issues that annoy every homeowner. Due to the lack of a storage system, you tend to throw in small objects in one drawer together with the others. That complicates things as you spend time trying to find the right item for whatever you are working on the next time you open the drawer. This custom garage’s storage solves that. 

Also made of black stainless steel, the padded drawers offer compartments to help you keep small objects in order. Feel free to arrange them by type, by car or vehicle. The choice is up to you! What’s important is that the days of seemingly endless rummaging are over because of the partitioned drawer.  

There are six layers of drawers with blue handles, and each drawer is padded to prevent the objects inside from sliding around. Three thin drawers make up half of the custom garage cabinet and are dedicated to safekeeping small items. Three thicker drawers can be used to store other bigger pieces of tools.     

Stainless Steel Tables and Guarded Wall for Heavy-Duty Activities 

Fixing cars is not the only thing you do in your garage. Sometimes, you carry your construction or DIY woodworking here because of the ample space. That means sharp and heavy devices may be in use, which could end badly if your workbenches are weak for the work you do. 

It’s a good thing this full custom garage uses stainless steel materials for the tables making your workstation heavy-duty. These sturdy tables can endure scratches and other types of damage in the long run.  

You don’t have to worry about damaging the walls. Closets Las Vegas also got it covered by installing PVC backsplash around the workstation. And they are easy to clean, too!

You Can Have More Than Custom Garage Cabinets. Closets Las Vegas Lets You Enjoy a Functional and Beautiful Full Custom Garage That’s Built to Last

Based on this custom garage, no doubt a quality garage goes beyond custom garage cabinets as Closets Las Vegas offer a wide range of design options. With our team of expert closet builders, the sky’s the limit. From the garage floor up to the ceiling, we can turn your custom garage ideas into a real, heavy-duty, aesthetic space. 

Dreaming is one thing and getting started is another. So, let’s get down to business! Our showroom is open from Monday to Friday and you can drop by any time to discuss your options. We can also meet you on a Saturday by making an appointment. Our line is open so call us at 702.259.3000 or visit our website