In our line of business, we hear that a lot. You’ve just bought a new home from a great builder. You already got to choose your cabinet colors, your countertops, your flooring, your room options, the exterior color scheme of your house — all sorts of exciting things that will let you customize your brand new home so that it fairly screams “This is ME!


Choices, Choices!


Then you get a phone call from Closets Las Vegas.  You’re surprised. Perhaps our name isn’t familiar to you. (And let’s face it, when you buy a new home, businesses come out of the woodwork trying to sell you things, right? We know.)



But in this case, you discover – much to your delight – that your new home builder has also given you the choice to design your closets to meet YOUR needs. Wow. What a new and fantastic idea! And that’s usually when we hear the question that’s the title of this post.


Why? Because not every builder is forward-thinking enough to offer their customers this valuable service. You now have the ability to do anything from simply adjusting the height of your closet rods, to adding features and designing the closets you’ve always wanted.

Closets Las Vegas Showroom

Closets Las Vegas Showroom


Let’s face it, when it comes to closets – it’s NOT ‘one-size-fits-all’ anymore. (oh wait – when WAS it, really?)  Because people sure aren’t.  Tall or short, young or old, active or disabled – people have different needs, and that applies to their storage uses, too.

Lifetime Ventilated Shelving


Custom Closet Las Vegas

Closet Companies Las Vegas


On average, people use their closets more than twice a day. Don’t you think it should be easier to not only find the things you need – but have them easily accessible, too? We do. That’s why we’d like to share with you some of the reasons you should ‘think about the possibilities’!


  • Maximize Your Available Space. The #2 complaint that owners have about their homes is “Not enough storage space.”  Being able to make the most of the space you have is vital to an organized environment. Just one example – with our Lifetime Ventilated Wire product, in a typical closet you can add a second clothes rod – actually doubling your usable closet space – for as little as $60. (Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?)


  • Convenience. If you have ever torn out your shelf-and-pole closet to customize it yourself, you know what a hassle that is. Outside of the mess and having to move all your clothes just so you can do the work – there’s drywall patching, repainting – and at minimum, the loss of one weekend you could have found better ways to enjoy!

Drywall Patching, Repainting Las Vegas

A wasted weekend.


  • Savings. Have the closet storage you need installed during your new home’s construction – and then don’t ever worry about it again. Did you know? You can even have your closet upgrades included in your mortgage – allowing you to organize your home for about the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

 Organize your Home with Coffee Las Vegas


  • Be Organized – From the Start. Moving isn’t easy (even if it is into a brand new home!). With your closets, pantry and other storage spaces maximized before you move in, there’s no need to store your belongings in boxes because they don’t fit in your new closets.

Modern Closet Las Vegas

Closet Las Vegas


  • You Won’t Find Our Products At The Big Box Stores. That’s because it’s better. Higher quality, competitively priced. Our Lifetime Ventilated Wire product is made with 30% more steel. Our freedomRail with 50% more steel. Our patented installation system is stronger. In fact, with over 35,000 closets installed to date, we’ve had only 2 customer service call-backs. (You read that right – two.) If you’ve ever had a closet shelf come off the wall – we can assure you, that won’t happen with Closets Las Vegas.

Customise your closet Las Vegas


And if being eco-friendly and Made in the U.S.A. matter to you – then you’re in the right place. All of our products are made with 99% recycled steel, and our melamine is made from 100% recycled materials.


The bottom line is – if you’re lucky enough to be buying a new home (yay for you!) – and even luckier enough to have chosen a home builder that cares about giving you “choices” . . . then take advantage of the opportunity! You’ll save time and money, eliminate frustration, and love your home that much more.