Home Storage Organization – The Forgotten New Home Upgrade

by: | March 16, 2016 | New Homes

  CLOSETS – AN INCONVENIENT AND FORGOTTEN NEW HOME UPGRADE   Recently, our fearless leader – Joe Ferraro – was interviewed by for an article about new home storage organization that was just published in Woodworking Network Magazine (March 2016 issue). We’d just like to re-publish the article here for our readers. So here ya […]

“You mean, I can customize the closets in my new home?!”

by: | November 4, 2014 | New Homes, Why Closets Las Vegas?

In our line of business, we hear that a lot. You’ve just bought a new home from a great builder. You already got to choose your cabinet colors, your countertops, your flooring, your room options, the exterior color scheme of your house — all sorts of exciting things that will let you customize your brand […]