Closet Options for an Organized Home

by: | March 4, 2016 | Compare Our Products

Not All Storage Organization Is As Costly (or Difficult) As You Think. It wasn’t all that long ago that when it came to new homes, there were zero closet options. They were were built with a wooden shelf and a pole for your clothes, and that was all she wrote. But as you know that’s […]

“What’s the difference between Closets Las Vegas products and what I can buy at the “Big Box” stores?”

by: | July 19, 2015 | Closets Las Vegas, Compare Our Products

You just asked our favorite question! Because when we get started showing folks all the ways that our Organized Living products are better (and competitively priced) – we love seeing the light bulb go off over their heads. Product features include Made with up to 50% more steel than other systems Our Lifetime Ventilated is […]