Easy Closet Switch Out Guidef

As the season changes from winter to spring, it’s important to pay extra attention to your closet. It’s more than just switching out your winter wardrobe to spring attire, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at your closet and freshen it up. Follow these steps to get ready for spring and warmer weather.

1. Purge like you mean it.

The first step to freshening up your closet is to purge. Take the time to go through all of your winter clothing and accessories to determine if you’ll keep, donate or toss the items. As you purge, make sure you create a list of things that you’ll need for next season – you might be able to find these items on sale.

Closet Purging Las Vegas


2. Store your winter possessions correctly.

Whether you box everything up and store it away, or have another closet for out-of-season clothing, make sure you take the time to store your items correctly. Launder or dry clean clothing and then store it based on the type of fabric. Sweaters and heavy knit clothing will need to be folded, whereas coats can stay hung.

Pro tip! Leave out a few light sweaters and jackets for those cool spring mornings.

3. Freshen up.

Take the time clean your closet before you add your clothes back in. And since your closet is empty of your clothes, use this time to adjust your closet shelving and components to fit the needs of your spring clothes. With a freedomRail closet, you can effortlessly move and add components to your closet to re-energize the space.

Pro tip! Add a bag of lavender or cedar to your closet to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Clean Your Closet

4. Try different organizational methods.

Use different methods to help organize your clothes and stay organized.

  • Turn your hangers the opposite way and as you wear the clothes, turn the hangers the right way. This will make editing your closet later a lot easier.
  • Use matching hangers for an instantly organized closet.
  • Organize your clothes by color to find items faster.
  • Use zones in your closet – you can organize by outfits for days of the week, group by type of clothing (tank tops, long-sleeve, blouses, etc.), or whatever works best for you.

freedomRail gives you the endless versatility and unbeatable to be able to adjust your closet from season to season in a snap!

(source: Organized Living)