See? Pretty logo!

Here in our very first blog post (yes, you can add it to your time capsule as an historic moment) – we’re excited to launch a spot where we’ll be sharing our wisdom and wit about the wonderful world of “Home Organized.”  We’d like to give a big shout-out to everyone to say “Hiya!” and take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, so fasten your seatbelts –  here goes!

Joe Ferraro
Meet Joe Ferraro. He’s the mastermind behind Closets Las Vegas.

Joe is the heart and soul of our company. When it comes to helping folks get organized, he’s been turning the old industry ideas on their head for over 10 years. How? By making closets fun! Well, they’re fun for us – and when we share our passion and enthusiasm for our products, our systems and our extreme customer service – our customers think they’re pretty fun, too.  (Especially the price.)  Yes, closets need to be functional – but we also believe they should look great, add value to your home, fit in your budget, and most importantly – make you happy. (If you’d like to know more about the history and mission of Joe and Closets Las Vegas, visit our “About Us” page here.)

freedomRail Her Side Perfectly BalancedPicture your clothes . . . but here!

Everyone who works at Closets Las Vegas feels Joe’s passion and excitement about what we do – because we’re a team that follows a great leader. Meeting Joe’s standards ensures a high level of perfectionism and care for everything we do – from your first call to our showroom, to the day you begin using the closet of your dreams. So whether you’re on the phone with Kelly (Joe’s right-hand) or Donna (Joe’s left-hand); meeting with Joe in our showroom (look, no hands!); or watching our trained, uniformed technicians José and Ramon install your new closets – you’ll know you’re doing business with people who really care. (And fyi, we don’t use the term “really” lightly.)

Ramon at work removing dysfunctional closet.
See Ramon removing a sad, old closet – so he can install a happy new closet!

Our blog might be a little different than what you’re used to. We’ll be introducing you to awesome ideas about how (and why) getting organized in your home or business can change your life. We’ll share great tips, photos, products and news – not just about closets, but about lots of things that we think you’ll find helpful. And sometimes we might write about things like the awesome Thanksgiving dinner we served our family last night, or can you believe those Red Sox?

Because first and foremost, we’re just people. With lives families and hopes and dreams and sometimes a little drama – just like everyone.  And since the way we see it – anyone who has ever had, used or seen a closet is a potential friend of ours, we’re of the opinion that makes pretty any topic relevant to our audience. We’ll also be featuring guest bloggers and special events down the road, but for the moment our in-house writer (Kelly) will be honking the horn for us.

Kelly, Closets Las Vegas Blogmaster
Kelly – Having fun at CLV. As usual.

If you’d like to get involved – ask questions, offer suggestions, become a guest blogger, or just leave feedback – we invite you to use our tool below to post your comments. If you’d like to email us, you can write to Joe directly at, or send an inquiry to Kelly at We’re always up for phone calls, too – ring us up at (702) 259-3000. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.