January is National Get Organized Month 

Haven’t taken down your tree yet? You’re not alone. Many people are still savoring the festive greenery. Some enjoy the holiday spirit a little longer, and others aren’t sure where to store the decorations.

When revisiting your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll notice something. A fresh start is a common theme for the new year with the goal of getting organized as one of the more important priorities on many lists. Are you wondering, “Where do I start organizing?”

The following tips will help you

Take a good look around.

Get started on getting organized this January with step 1. Click to check out the first step!

Walk through each room and closet. Create a list of areas you want to organize. You might find the situation is not as dire as you thought. Write down the current state of each space.

Develop a rating system for them. For example, #1 might mean “Needs help immediately”. #2 could be “Tackle next”. #3 might signify “Can wait a while”. With this approach, you’ll have a clear plan.

Often, we feel overwhelmed by clutter due to a few specific areas. These are the ones we think of when we consider organizing.

Quick – Name the most chaotic area of your home!

Step 2: Find the Difficult Spot and Start There! Click to learn more!

This could be the junk-filled kitchen drawer. Or the coat closet that’s hard to close. There’s typically one spot that you postpone tackling.


Addressing this area can be like a mental speed bump. You know it’s the starting point, but it feels too challenging.

That’s why we suggest tackling that area first because it does two things:

    • It removes that mental block that keeps you from getting to the rest of the areas in your home.
    • That sense of accomplishment is amazing and helps motivate you for the next part!

Since this process may involve several steps, start by sorting through the area and deciding what stays and what goes. Next, look at the different options available for organizing and storing the items you decided to keep. Once you’ve finished organizing this area, you’ll instantly feel empowered to do more.

Once that space is done – pat yourself on the back!

Take a moment to enjoy your success while you start thinking about the next steps in your project. Remember, organization is an ongoing process which you need to include as part of your day to day life.
It’s too much to think about doing everything in one day. If you start feeing overwhelmed, try splitting up your goals into smaller ones. Gradually, as your home becomes more and more organized, you’ll feel the difference!

Step 3 is about giving yourself a break: recognize your accomplishments!

Research shows a link between clutter and increased stress. Taking even a small step can reduce this stress and may also motivate you to continue organizing.

Once you’ve organized a space, relaxing becomes easier. You can be more creative. You focus on what’s truly important, instead of feeling you must always be busy.

Wrapping Up

We’ll be back with more specific space use, design, and affordable solutions over the coming weeks – because after all – that’s what Closets Las Vegas is all about!  But we felt it was important to begin our tips and suggestions for getting the coming year “in order” –  right here…where most people who are seeking better home organization are going to have to begin, too.

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