January is National Get Organized Month – And Here’s How to Get Past Your First Hurdle


January is National Get Organized Month – And Here’s How to Get Past Your First Hurdle

Closets Las Vegas is the master when it comes to creating custom organized spaces that challenge people’s lives. We want to share a few tips to helping you get organized this January with National Get Organized Month.


Still putting off taking the tree down? You’re not alone. There are plenty of us who are still enjoying the greenery. Of course, whether it’s because we love to extend the season or we just don’t know where to put everything – that answer is up in the air!

But as you’re double-checking that list of New Year’s Resolutions to see which ones you really meant to follow (and which ones you could weed out already), one thing is for certain:

A new year means a fresh start. And getting organized is always at (or near) the top of everyone’s list. If you’re taking a look around your home and wondering “Where do I start to get organized?” – we’d like to offer a few tips to help you get the ball rolling.

  1. Take a good look around.

Get started on getting organized this January with step 1. Click to check out the first step!By that, we mean actually walk through your home. Every room, every closet, and start creating a list of areas you’d like to get more “in order.”

The great thing about doing this is that you’re probably going to discover that things aren’t as bad as you think. Simply write down the status of each space and give them your own rating system (Example: #1-Needs help! #2-Tackle Next #3-I Can Live With This For Awhile, etc.)  By the time you’re done with this part, you’ll have a clear plan of attack for where to focus your attention.

One of the things that causes us to think “everything is OUT of control!” is usually the result of one or two particular spaces – the ones we always think of first when the words “get organized” enter our brain.

That leads us to . . .

  1. Quick – Name the most chaotic area of your home!

Step 2: Find the Difficult Spot and Start There! Click to learn more!

 From “the dreaded kitchen drawer” to the hallway coat closet that takes two people to close (you know – one to prop things up, the other to close the door fast!) – there’s always that one spot in your house that you file in the back of your mind under “I’ll Get To That Some OTHER Day.”

The truth is that putting off getting that particular headache location under control may be precisely what’s causing you to procrastinate getting every other room organized. It’s sort of like a mental speed bump: You know that’s where you should start, but it just seems too – darn – hard.

Which leads directly to your next thought process: Why bother starting at all?

That’s why we suggest starting with that exact spot for two reasons:

  • It removes that mental road block that keeps you from getting to the rest of the areas in your home you want to get organized.
  • The sense of accomplishment when this is done is exhilarating!

Even if it takes a series of steps to complete (Step One: Sort through it all to see what you’re keeping and what goes; Step Two: Determine if it all should stay in that particular space; Step Three: If so, get the organizing tools you need to make it easy to store and locate things) once this area is as you always imagined it could be – you’ll have the sense that you can do ANYTHING (organization-wise, at least!).

  1. Once that space is done – pat yourself on the back!

Sit back and acknowledge your accomplishment for a bit. As you do, it’s likely you’ll let your imagination wander ahead to what comes next in this project.

Step 3 is about giving yourself a break: recognize your accomplishments!

The point is, getting organized is a process – not a single-day “event” that must all be tackled at one time. As your efforts are rewarded a little bit more each day (or even each week) – it’s more likely you’ll become inspired to keep moving forward until your home is a lot more orderly and less of an emotional burden to confront each day.

Studies over the past few years show a clear connection between home or workspace clutter causing increased stress and anxiety. By taking a step in the right direction – the direction you already want to take but have probably been putting off because it just seems too daunting – there’s a good chance that “feel good” effect will be enough to keep you going to the next step, then the one beyond that.

And once you get your space tamed and under control, it will be that much easier to relax, be creative, and focus on what’s really important in your life (rather than always having the feeling you “should be DOing something!”).

We’ll be back with more specific space use, design, and affordable solutions over the coming weeks – because after all – that’s what Closets Las Vegas is all about!  But we felt it was important to begin our tips and suggestions for getting the coming year “in order” –  right here…where most people who are seeking better home organization are going to have to begin, too.

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