Picture It: Las Vegas 2015. You finally earned it: Your Dream Closet.

You spent weeks, months, maybe even years looking at every gorgeous photo of closets on the internet
– from Pinterest and Houzz to Facebook and Instagram. You lusted after it for (what-seems-like)
EVER. You finally set the money aside and pulled the trigger. You had it designed exactly as you
imagined. You had it installed. And your clothes and personal belongings have never been

But now – for whatever reason, expected or unexpected – you discovered that you’re moving to a new
home. And it’s breaking your heart to leave your Dream Closet behind.

BUT WAIT — It doesn’t have to be that way! Because if you had designed your Dream
Closet out of freedomRail …… (drum roll, please) …….
You could be taking it with you!


So – How Can You KEEP That Dream Closet?

Let’s back up that scenario a bit to the beginning. Well, maybe to the part just before you design,
purchase, and install the closet you’ve always wanted. Because this is how it can go when you make the
right choices up-front. It just takes 3 easy steps.

Step 1:

Start by letting your fingers do the walking through our website to
discover the incredible features and benefits of our freedomRail
closet products.

We don’t want to spoil the whole surprise for you here (because it’s definitely worth a look-see just
to get your “Dream Closet Ideas” flowing
). But we do want to share with you a few of the

  • freedomRail is the only true adjustable storage system that can easily be changed to adapt to your
  • By easily, we mean – you can rearrange the design yourself – no tools needed.
  • Add shelves, cabinets, and accessories without drilling new holes in the wall.
  • freedomRail is “Organization you can add to as you go.”
    • Start out with a basic design.
    • Buy additional components to grow your closet as you need.
    • Or let your friends and family know which new pieces you’d like for birthday and holiday
      They can purchase online and just let us know it’s for you.
      (And we even offer Gift eCards they can purchase through our

At this point, you might be wondering “How on earth can one product be SO incredible?”
Well, to see just how versatile freedomRail can be, take a quick look at this video (less than 2 minutes
– doesn’t even need audio!) – because it demonstrates the ease in utilizing freedomRail to its maximum

[mediagrid cat=”306″ title_under=”1″]

BY THE WAY – Curious about the cost of that “Dream Closet” you’re thinking of?

Just try our Online Design Tool. From here, you can start out with
your heart’s content and design exactly what you want – AND see how much it will cost to buy and have us
install it for you. (So there’s no surprises when you go to Step 2!)

Step 2:

Take some quick measurements of your closet space (rough ones are fine) – then come meet with us at
Closets Las Vegas. We’ll help you design your new closet on our 3D software that will show you your new
closet from every angle. (Trust us – we know closets – and we’ll probably ask you questions about how
you use yours that would never have occurred to you!)

We can tweak your original design, move things around, even make recommended adjustments to help you meet
your budget. And every step of the way, you’ll see the price of your design – piece by piece, right on
the screen – until it’s exactly what you need it to be.

Once your design is complete, we’ll finalize the drawings and make payment arrangements. Then we’ll come
out and take final measurements, order your closet components, let you know how to prepare your closet
for our installation – and schedule an install date. (We’ll even help you tear our your old closet parts
and haul it off, if you wish!)</>

Step 3:

Installation Day Is Here! Woo-hoo! The old closet is gone (and you’ve patched and
painted as needed) — and in only a few short hours, the Closet of Your Dreams is right there in your
home. (This is the part where we often get teary-eyed, because we believe everyone deserves a Dream

You put all your items away – and just want to pull up a chair in your closet so you can sit there and
love it up-close-and-personal. We don’t blame you. In fact, we understand all too well. (Truth be told,
we encourage this behavior.)

But what if . . .gulp! . . . things change?

For example:

What if you got a freedomRail closet for your kids – and then they grew up?

  • No problem. In just a few minutes, you can change closet rod heights, add drawers, move shelves, and
    re-design it for their needs.

What if you need to accommodate an elderly or disabled person at home?

  • No worries – because freedomRail is the closet system of choice for Assisted Living and ADA housing.
    And it’s easy to adjust to ADA requirements all by yourself.

What if you have to move??

  • Like we said at the beginning – Just take your freedomRail closet with you! Consider it part of the
    family – because it can be taken down, packed up, and head to your new home, too. And just in case
    you need any new parts or components to set it up properly there – all you need to do is contact us
    and we’re here to help.

The point we’re trying to make is that making an investment in getting your personal belongings organized
isn’t one that has to stay behind when you move on. A freedomRail closet from Closets Las Vegas is designed to make you
happy – wherever you may go!