You just asked our favorite question!

Because when we get started showing folks all the ways that our Organized Living products are better (and competitively priced) – we love seeing the light bulb go off over their heads.

Product features include
  • Made with up to 50% more steel than other systems
  • Our Lifetime Ventilated is often more cost-effective than “big box” wire products
  • All 3 products have a higher weight capacity – holds up to 100-lbs per lineal foot
  • More durable finish
  • Products available in a variety of colors
  • Patented, stronger installation system
  • Easier to install and nearly failure-free
  • Uninterrupted hanger movement – even for Lifetime wire products
  • Multiple options and accessories
  • Versatile and adjustable (wood product lines)
  • Buy only the parts you need (no useless kits or extra components)
  • Green / LEED products
  • Made in the USA
. . . and that’s just the beginning.
Then there’s the convenience of shopping with Closets Las Vegas.

Personalized attention.You don’t need to hunt for someone with an orange vest . . . just give us a call or stop in our showroom. We’ll answer your questions, help you choose the right product for your needs and budget, and start the ball rolling towards the closet of your dreams. Use our Online Design Tool, or come in and we’ll create your custom closet with our state-of-the-art 3D software. (No graph paper necessary!)Order just what you need, cut your items to size, wrap them up, and deliver them to your door.No standing around waiting for an employee to cut your materials.Don’t buy more pieces than you need , just because they’re sold in packages. Affordable installation. Many customers are surprised to discover they can get their Lifetime Ventilated wire closet designed AND installed – often for less than what they would pay for just materials at a Big Box store. We’ll install according to your schedule – and you’ll know just when we’ll be arriving. We respect your time and your environment – and we’re dedicated to making sure your home has a safe, clean, proper installation. Extreme Customer Service. That’s no exaggeration – because by using superior products with our patented installation system, we put the majority of our customer service efforts up-front, where it benefits you the most. Over 35,000 closets installed so far, with only 2 customer service callbacks. No other company can beat that. Or – Do It Yourself! Buy your closet components from Closets Las Vegas. You’ll still get personalized design, ordering, material prep and delivery – and even helpful tips on how to install on your own.