Check This Curvy FreedomRail, Chocolate Pear Adjustable Closet Shelving by Closets Las Vegas
For a hard-working, time-conscious professional like you, an adjustable closet shelving system in your walk-in closet would be an important detail. Your wardrobe matching your lifestyle, which can be busy on most days, matters a lot as this means productivity. And productivity leads to more success. An adjustable closet organizer system may seem a tiny facet of your walk-in closet but can impact your daily routine or your life in general.

The thing is, most walk-in closets in Las Vegas lack an adjustable closet system. This leaves you with a permanent fixture and shelves that can’t be moved around to make room for additional apparel and accessories. Upgrading is also harder and costly.

If you plan to convert a small space in your bedroom into a walk-in closet, think everything through. Your needs may change in the future, and a permanent structure would limit what you can do with your closet. To avoid such a hassle, choose a closet builder that offers a wide array of high quality and versatile products.

This secondary closet built by Closets Las Vegas in a model home in Overlook housing community would be a great example if you want a functional, flexible, and flawlessly beautiful walk-in closet.

Small Secondary Walk-in Closet with Adjustable Closet Shelving Using Closets Las Vegas’ freedomRail Product Line  

You can hang your clothes the way you want with this adjustable closet shelving.

If you have a tiny space in your bedroom with no clear purpose, why not turn it into a secondary walk-in closet? You may have more clothes than you think and need extra storage, so additional storage space will help organize them.

This Overlook model home has one, and instead of leaving it empty, Closets Las Vegas made a walk-in closet out of it. The size was not an issue as the team has the right material – the freedomRail product line – and design for it.

The Power and Flexibility of freedomRail

Among all our leading product lines, freedomRail has the biggest potential in terms of flexibility. In this small bedroom closet, the closet shelving system can be adjusted to achieve your desired height, width, or length. Closets Las Vegas decided to drop the extra wood division panels for this walk-in wardrobe to minimize the obstructions. At first, this might turn you off, but you would appreciate the seamless and uninterrupted movement as you start using it.   

Versatile vertical rails

This small bedroom closet shows the true potential for our FreedomRail product line, allowing all inside shelves to be easily modified to any needed height you want.

As time goes by, your garments, bags, and accessories add up so you will require more storage to organize them. With the vertical rails along the walls, the shelves are easy to install, allowing you to make room for more shelves should you wish to expand it in the future. We think long-term as you do.   

Bracket covers for a neat look 

FreedomRail is one of the best, but you might find the hole-filled brackets off-putting, especially if you are particular with details. To address this, the design comes with PVC bracket covers, which help hide those “unsightly” openings. You can remove it anytime you need to adjust the panels and slip it back on.  

Curved, uninterrupted hanging rods 

A Closets Las Vegas-made functional walk-in closet design won’t be complete without the corner rods. And you can also see it here in the secondary closet. Keeping it simple and convenient, you can easily access your clothes without interruption because all spaces are used efficiently. 

Try the Chocolate Pear freedomRail Shelves for Your Walk-in Closet and Pantry, Too! 

An adjustable closet shelving is just one of the many features that your walk-in closet should have. It’s a small component with a huge benefit. One, it lets you reconstruct the shelves based on your storage needs. Two, it allows you to tweak the arrangements according to your seasonal design preference. 

You shouldn’t worry about the availability of adjustable closet shelving, because Closets Las Vegas can offer you several options and then some. Aside from the adjustable closet system, our product lines – Classica, freedomRail, Lifetime Ventilated, and Simple Wood Shelf & Rod – boast other valuable features that suit your professional lifestyle. 

Our team of excellent interior designers and closet builders will make sure your custom walk-in closets turn out as gorgeous and functional as you imagine them. If you have no actual design in mind yet, our creative team will also help you with the design concept.   

All our customers enjoy a familial treatment, that’s why we build closets and pantries like they are for a family member. That said, our showroom will surely feel like home, so call us today to schedule a visit or drop by anytime so we can ow you what we offer. We are open from Monday to Friday. If you plan to visit on a weekend, call us at 702.259.3000 for an appointment.