His and Hers Closet Small, But PERFECT for Professionals! Closets Las Vegas

Luxury is often associated with glamor, grandeur, and amplitude. That’s how you imagine a luxury walk-in closet – fancy décor, sophisticated finish, and expensive materials. Often, you think it’s impossible to enjoy luxury in a his and hers small closet in your Las Vegas home. How can you squeeze in all your clothing and express your creative preference with limited space, especially when it’s supposed to be for two?

But Closets Las Vegas can prove that size does not matter, and you can experience luxury without draining your bank account. The team has done numerous projects involving small spaces and successfully turned them into luxurious masterpieces.

One of our projects with TriPointe Homes in Overlook Community is a fine demonstration of how a compact room can rise to something big and stunning. Combine Classica Cypress Live and Snowdrift Live with handsome lighting, and you get a His and Hers luxury walk-in closet that’s perfect for professionals who seek efficient and harmonious design – from the main bathroom to the main bedroom.

Take a look at the astounding details that could inspire your creativity.

Keeping Things Exceptionally Organized with Style

Cabinet and Shoe Shelves

Full look of the glass enclosed cabinet and shoe shelves!

As a professional, your needs are specific to your lifestyle. And being a smart and style-sensitive homeowner, you want a beautiful and practical design, not wasting opportunities and resources. Even with a small space, you want to make it elegant and packed with productivity features.

In modern designs, every detail matters to create a truly modern space, no matter the size. This modern His and Hers closet build may not be as enormous as you would imagine, but it speaks volumes. Closets Las Vegas used top-tier materials and set-up features to match the equally fabulous main bathroom. It’s a custom-designed walk-in closet perfect for professionals!

Ergonomic Shelving Systems for Productive People

His and Her Closet with hidden Hamper Las Vegas

Keep your closet tidy. Dirty clothes are no longer an eyesore with this hidden hamper.

Closets Las Vegas used its Classica Cypress and Snowdrift Live colors to build the wardrobe. Its white color scheme matches the bathroom’s palette giving both spaces a harmonious finish. As the colors create a light ambiance, the long-hang and double-hang shelves make your clothes easily accessible. Adding ease are the rounded corners equipped with rounded hanging rods for uninterrupted browsing.

Hidden Hampers So You’re Always Ready for Laundry

This His and Hers small closet in Las Vegas is meant to please your heart and make your life easier. You can owe some of the time you can save organizing your laundry to the hidden pull-out hampers. Located below the shelves, simply pop them open to throw in your dirty clothes and then carry them to the laundry room when full.     

See Through Your Stuff with Glass Doors and Windows 

The glass doors and shelves also make this His and Hers closet truly captivating. Whether they’re for accessories or art pieces, they will always be visible. Enjoy looking through your prized possessions and save time looking for them during rush time.  

Give Your Footwear a Special Treatment with Luxurious Shoe Shelves 

Store all your footwear inside the glass-enclosed shoe shelves with adjustable steel fences. Yes, they are adjustable allowing you to modify the area as you see fit. It’s also easy to browse through your shoes when you’re in a hurry because of the glass doors.   

The True-Color Lighting System That Makes This His and Hers Closet Small Yet Amazing! 

Glass Enclosed Cabinet Las Vegas

This His and Hers small walk in closet has a glass enclosed cabinet adding to the luxury feel of your home.

So far, everything inside the His and Hers closet looks spectacular. But when you aim for luxury, the ensemble isn’t complete without an elegant, modern lighting system. Closets Las Vegas thought the true-color lighting would give the closet the honor it deserved.   

Browse through clothes with ease and delight with the lighting hidden under the hanging rods. The other lighting bars set up inside glass cabinet walls and underneath the enclosed glass shelves enhance the glass and wood’s complexion. You can view your wardrobe without hassle with glass panels and true-color lighting. 

These lights also have adjustable brightness and settings via a remote-control device. Choose the shade of the moment depending on your mood or your needs. Remember that besides aesthetics, the true-color lighting’s systematic set-up can save you time while illuminating the room and brightening your day.    

Give Your Home a Modern Makeover! Build a Modern Luxury His and Hers walk in closet in Summerlin or Henderson with Closets Las Vegas   

If you’re preparing your home for a His and Hers closet – small or big in size – there’s no better time to make it happen than now. Why stall when you can enjoy the benefits of a luxury walk-in closet rich in style and complete with amenities to make your life easier? Imagine the advantages of having a beautiful atmosphere to welcome you during stressful moments and the ease of navigating through your wardrobe. Prepping up becomes a positive experience. Let comfort be the fruit of your hard work. A dedicated professional like you deserves the best things in life!   

But never settle for less. Work with a closet builder who knows good interior design as well. You can enjoy a luxury walk-in closet that matches your bathroom or your entire home’s theme if you want as long you work with the right people.  

As always, Closets Las Vegas can find a way to satisfy your design cravings and provide practical solutions to your lifestyle needs. Closets Las Vegas offers top-notch products and state-of-the-art design; walk-in closets that live up to your dream without sacrificing their aesthetic quality. Our team is dedicated to giving you results better than how you imagine your closet would be.  

We want you to experience luxury and productivity that match your modern household. Let’s get together soon and discuss your options. You are welcome to drop by our showroom, open from Monday to Friday. If you want to visit on a weekend, call us for an appointment. Call us at 702.259.3000 or visit our website.